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View result counter Name Surname Country Occupation
29 Samuel Durkin United States
28 David Zarembka USA Retired
27 Doug Bullock Honorable United States Albany County Legislator
26 Barbara Murray UK
25 Ursula Riches UK S/E domestic services
24 Enos Sibiya South Africa Researcher at Step_Into_New_Era
23 Amandus Johannes Henri F.M. Keultjes Netherlands
warehouse employ (engineering graduate and teacher struck by political berufsverbot)
22 Tom Heppe USA Retired Social Worker
21 Robert H Stiver US
Retired US Federal Civil Servant; longtime peace-and-justice advocate; 2005-11 producer of full-justice-for-Palestine programs presented on Public-Access Cable TV network, Hawaii, USA.
20 Heinrich Buecker Germany Coop Anti-War Cafe Berlin
19 Nancy L Chismar United States
18 John Lamperti USA Emeritus Professor of Mathematics, Dartmouth College
17 Sharon Fortunak USA Educator
16 Rasigan Maharajh south Africa academic
15 Marion Denk Deutschland
14 John Robinson US Retired
13 Paul Haeder United States Journalist, Educator, Anti-Poverty Site Director (USA)
12 E. F. Mattukat germany selfemployed
11 BrendaLee Smith United States Retired USN #VeteransForPeace
10 Michael Haag USA Service Architect
9 Dominic Armstrong United States
8 Renato Corsetti United Kingdom coordiantor of Progressive Esperanto-Spekaers/progresemaj esperantistoj
7 Sara Loeppert United States
6 Sonja van den Ende Netherlands Independent Journalist, contributer
5 Larry Dean Miller US
4 Ian C England
3 james pott Canada
2 Ivano Iogna Prat Luxembourg Journalist
1 Roberto Onofrio United States Physicist