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View result counter Name Surname Country Occupation
113 Michael Kaufman United States Retired Computer Programer
112 cheryl kozanitas usa retired
111 Katherine Wright United States
110 Felix Rothenfußer Deutschland
109 Mary Avice Canada
108 T F Gogan USA Anti-militarist labor/community activist
107 Rick Staggenborg, MD United States Physician
106 Antonia Shouse USA retired
105 Miguel Figueroa Canada President, Canadian Peace Congress
104 Wendy Fast United States Retired educator
103 John Re United States
102 J. Menard France Retired/Art Collector
101 Marian Cruz United States Retired
100 Kari Olsen USA data analyst
99 Timothy Franzen USA News Reporter
98 Mark Cappetta United States of America
97 Francine Ungaro USA
96 Don Price US retired
95 Kamran Yazdian United States Targeted Individual
94 Andrea Saunders USA
93 Jan Barendrecht Panama Retired electronics designer
92 Wendell F Perks Jr US retired US Army, and retired American Red Cross Blood Program
91 robin lattatweedy usa
90 James Robinson United States Retired
89 Gundolf Hambrock Germany teacher
88 Erwin Franzen Luxembourg Retired
87 Mercy Grieco United States
86 S Mumford United Kingdom Retired
85 Glen Anderson US
I am a retired professional who has volunteered in the peace movement and practiced & organized for principled nonviolence since the 1960s.
84 Michael Lampi US
83 Elio Pagani Italia
82 Colin Neiburger United States Peace Day Asheville
81 Will Tuttle US
80 Teresa M. Robinson United States
79 Leslie Schentag Canada Research Consultant
78 Martin Schwander Switzerland Journalist
77 Mark Rolofson United States
76 Barry Wood UK
75 Rebecca Luening United States of America Concerned citizen
74 Scott A. Weir, PhD (Economics) US Retired economist and teacher