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133 Julie Webb-Pullman New Zealand Investigator
132 Roberta Ahlquist United States Professor, Emerita, San Jose State University, San Jose, CA
131 Arlene Johnson UK
Publisher/Author of The Journal of History and biography of the Shah of Iran entitled The Shah of Iran Mohammad Reza Pahlavi: Victim of His Times
130 Virginia White US
129 Michael Motta United States ESL teacher
128 Richard L Giovanoni United States Retired
127 Glen Williams US retired
126 dan dowdall usa self-employed
125 Dan Morgan US
124 Jonathan Boyne United States
123 Ursula Mathern Deutschland
122 joe cernac usa retired
121 Rick Wood US
120 Bryan William Hunt CAN Retired
119 Anneliese Schultz United States Writer
118 Brian Boortz US Progressive PR Agency, owner: Brian Boortz Public Relations
117 Ahmad Sanati USA Retired
116 Donald Clark US retired
115 Paul Waring United States
114 Harald Wilfer germany Rentner