U.S. Military Bases and Facilities in the Middle East. Fact Sheet

01 Jun 2018

U.S. Military Bases and Facilities in the Middle East. Fact Sheet

By Matthew Wallin

The American Security Project (ASP)


This fact sheet provides a rough overview of U.S. military bases and facilities in the Middle East. Compiled from publicly available information, this listing presents a picture of a variety of facilities the U.S. either maintains or retains access to throughout the region. Due to the fluctuating nature of U.S. military operations in the region, it is not possible to put together a complete picture of the entirety of U.S. forces’ deployment. As the wars in Iraq and against ISIS have ebbed and flowed, so has the U.S. presence in the region.

In countries like Iraq and Syria, the U.S. undoubtedly occupies pre-existing facilities or operates hastily constructed temporary bases that are not publicly acknowledged for operational security reasons. Many of these have been observed through commercial satellite imagery. The growing role of unmanned aerial vehicles in U.S. operations, whether by intelligence agencies or the U.S. military, also presents a challenge to identifying where Americans are currently based. This fact sheet does not document instances of unacknowledged facilities.

Additionally, it can sometimes be difficult to identify what should qualify as a “U.S.” base or facility. Many facilities, ports, and airstrips serve primarily as civilian and commercial infrastructure. For instance, the U.S. Navy frequents a number of ports around the world. These ports often have facilities and infrastructure capable of supporting these military vessels, but are not U.S.-specific, and therefore are not considered to be a “base.” However, some of these ports do support the resupply and repair of U.S. vessels, making their classification vague

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