Kanaani: Iran-Russia defense cooperation not hostile to third country

24 Feb 2023

Kanaani: Iran-Russia defense cooperation not hostile to third country

By Al Mayadeen English

February 24, 2023



The Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesperson says Tehran and Moscow can play a vital role in generating a balance in the global energy market.

The spokesperson of the Iranian Foreign Ministry, Nasser Kanaani, announced on Friday that Hossein Amir-Abdollahian is set to visit Moscow in the near future, adding that the Iran-Russia military and defense cooperation is not hostile to any third country.

Kanaani highlighted that Tehran and Moscow can play a vital role in generating a balance in the global energy market, stressing that Western accusations against Iran vis-à-vis Ukraine come in accordance with their political goals.

"The relations between Iran and Russia are based on the political will of the leaders of the two countries," adding that "Iran and Russia have great, common and complementary economic capacities."

Kanaani further added that the increased cooperation between the two countries was "based on shared interests" in the "economic, commercial, industrial, energy and transportation fields, as well as in the banking and financial fields."

The spokesperson also underlined that "the military and defense relations" between the two countries are in compliance with a "framework of the common interests of the two countries and are not against any third country," reminding that Iranian-Russian cooperation in these fields dates back to the era prior to the war in Ukraine.

Significantly, Kanaani also accused the West of extending the war in Ukraine under the pretense of supporting Kiev, arguing that "countries that export dozens of billions of dollars of weapons to one side of the war are not helping to end the war."

MSC held in the name of security to charm war-mongers

On February 19, Iran blasted the 2023 Munich Security Conference organizers for not giving all international community members an equal chance to present their views, saying that while the event had the slogan of security, it promoted war instead.

This year's Munich conference hosted some anti-Iran figures instead of the Iranian government, Kanaani said in a press conference on February 20.

The organizers of the annual event committed "a grave mistake" and "damaged the conference’s credulity" as they looked for unilateralism in the international order by not letting everyone voice their views, especially those who oppose the US government, he added.

"The Islamic Republic is one of the most important countries with an undisputed role in deepening and consolidating regional security, and it is among effective countries that helps reinforce international security," he said.

"The conference was held in the name of security, but it did not invite important countries such as the Islamic Republic [of Iran] and Russia. It means that the conference has given the opportunity, which could be used to raise different multilateral views regarding international order and security, to parties and currents that sought to consolidate unilateralism in the international arena," Kanaani noted.

Iran has significantly contributed to maintaining security in the region and Europe by fighting terrorist groups like ISIS, he said, adding that this year's conference "was organized in the name of security, but for the sake of war and warmongers," he said.

On another note, Kanaani reiterated Iran’s commitment to technical cooperation with the IAEA and expressed hope that the UN nuclear watchdog will also behave professionally toward Tehran’s peaceful nuclear activities.

Kanaani added that Iran expects the agency to "adhere to the principles and frameworks of professional and specialized cooperation with member states, including the Islamic Republic," stressing his country's adherence to the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) and the safeguards agreements.