Iranian air defenses in Syria active: Israeli media

07 Mar 2022

Iranian air defenses in Syria active: Israeli media

The lack of familiarity of the Israeli Air Force with the new technology of Iranian air defense systems restricts their movement over Syrian airspace

By News Desk; The Cradle

March 6 2022


According to a report by the Israeli news outlet Jerusalem Post from 6 March, Iranian air defense systems, which have been deployed in Syria, are currently active, frustrating Israeli airstrikes and causing the Israeli Air Force (IAF) to constantly alter its strategies.

Iranian air defense systems were deployed in 2021 in response to increasing Israeli airstrikes on Syria.

The Iranian systems rely on advanced technology that the IAF is not used to, in comparison to the older Russian systems, consisting of various SA models and the Pantsir 1. Russian S-300 and S-400 systems are on Syrian soil, but are operated by the Russian army, not the Syrian army, and have yet to be activated and used.

Commenting on the advanced nature of Iran’s air defense system, Jerusalem Post notes that “Iran also separates the radars of their SAMs from the missile launchers, leading the Israel Air Force to change how it acts during operations, including by having larger formations so that more targets can be struck at once rather than having jets return to the same target and risk being downed.”

Air defense cooperation between Iran and Syria was cemented in 2020 with a signed agreement between the Deputy Commander of Syrian armed forces Ali Abdullah Ayyub and the Chief of Staff of Iran’s armed forces Major General Mohammad Bagheri.

Due to Iranian air defense batteries being of an entirely different nature to the Russian ones, Israel’s ability to attack Syria freely and consistently is restricted.

According to the Jerusalem Post report, Israel does not fully understand Iranian technology yet, adding to its challenges.

However, Syria’s older Russian air defense systems are not entirely harmless when it comes to repelling Israeli aggression.

An Israeli F-16 was shot down by an SA-5 missile fired by Syria in 2018.

Recently, Syrian missiles and shrapnel also have landed within Israeli territory, including one that landed very close to the Dimona nuclear facility.