International Days of Action against US imposed Sanctions and Economic War on March 13-15, 2020

26 Nov 2019

Call to Action for International Days of Action Against  Sanctions and Economic War – March 13 – 15, 2020



Sanctions Kill!  

Sanctions are War!

End Sanctions Now!

Sanctions are imposed by the United States and its junior partners against countries that resist their agendas.  They are a weapon of Economic War, resulting in chronic shortages of basic necessities, economic dislocation, chaotic hyperinflation, artificial famines, disease, and poverty.  In every country, the poorest and the weakest – infants, children, the chronically ill and the elderly – suffer the worst impact of sanctions.

US imposed sanctions, violate international law and are a tool of regime change. They impact a third of humanity in 39 countries.  They are a crime against humanity used, like military intervention, to topple popular governments and movements.   They provide economic and military support to pro-US right-wing forces.

The US economic dominance and its +800 military bases worldwide demands all other countries participate in acts of economic strangulation.  They must end all normal trade relations, otherwise they risk having Wall Street’s guns pointed at them.  The banks and financial institutions that are responsible for the devastation of our communities at home drive the plunder of countries abroad.

Many organizations have been fighting Sanctions and Economic War for some time.  NOW is an opportunity to combine efforts to raise consciousness on this crucial issue.
This broad campaign will include protests and demonstrations, lobbying, petition drives and all forms of educational efforts.

As an initial step for this campaign we encourage mobilizations and educational efforts to be organized for the International Days of Action against US imposed Sanctions and Economic War on March 13-15.


(Initial list as of Nov 15, 2019.)

Ajamu Baraka – Black Alliance for Peace, 

Alexandra Reyes – Accion Revolucion Ecuador NY

Al Marder – U.S. Peace Council, 

Angela Castelo – Accion Revolucion Ecuador,

Bahman Azad – U.S. Peace Council, 

Bill Sacks – Venceramos Brigade

Chuck Kaufman – Alliance For Global Justice,

Ed Ortiz – Call to Action on Puerto Rico,  

Emily Thomas – IFCO Pastors for Peace,

Fabian Velez – Colombia Humana,

Frank Velgara – Ministry of Solidarity with the Peoples at Holyrood Church

Gerald Hassett – Veterans For Peace NY,

Gerald Horne – Author/Historian,

Kevin Zeese – Popular Resistance, 

Gerry Condon – Veterans For Peace,

Jacqueline DiSalvo – International Committee of PSC – CUNY

Joe Lombardo – United National Antiwar Coalition, 

Kazem Azin – SI Solidarity Iran,

Larry Adams – People’s Organization for Progress,

Manny Ness – PSC Professional Staff Congress CUNY,

Margaret Flowers – Popular Resistance, 

Nathaniel Chase – International Action Center, 

Nina Macapinlac – International League of Peoples Struggle,

Omowale Clay – December 12th Movement, 

Radhames Morales – Ministry of Solidarity with the Peoples at Holyrood Church,

Raphael Agosto Miranda – NY Boricua Resistance,  

Richard Kossally – Workers World Party,

Rhonda Ramiro – BAYAN USA, 

Sara Flounders – International Action Center, 

Suzanne Adely – International Assoc of Democratic Lawyers,

Terri Mattson – CODEPINK



Please add your endorsement and help spread the word.