How Israel coaches IAEA game?

03 Mar 2023

How Israel coaches IAEA game?

Politicization of Iran’s nuclear program will never yield results

By Tehran Times

March 3, 2023


TEHRAN- Rafael Grossi, Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), arrived in Tehran on Friday with the goal of addressing Iran’s nuclear program.

Grossi was officially welcomed at Tehran’s Mehrabad Airport by Behrouz Kamalvandi, spokesman for the Atomic Energy Agency of Iran (AEOI).

During his two-day stay in Tehran, Grossi is expected to meet with Iranian authorities and talk about matters pertaining to the Iranian nuclear program.

International atomic watchdogs in Iran earlier this month purportedly said that they had discovered uranium that had been purified to an 84% level.

The AEOI head refuted on Wednesday such unsubstantiated allegations, confirming that there has been “no deviation” in Iran’s peaceful nuclear operations.

Over the last weeks, there has been a surge in overt and covert meetings between Grossi and the Israeli diplomats which demonstrate that based on the intelligence evidence, the IAEA head is under the total influence of the regime’s premier, Benjamin Netanyahu, especially regarding the JCPOA revival talks. In other words, he is all ears when it comes to the Iran nuclear program. 

The Zionist regime officials have invariably nudged him to conform to the regime’s redlines which can be crystallized by not closing any alleged reports against the Islamic Revolution.

They also urged the IAEA to further fabricate reports against Iran, levelling more allegations in a bid to issue detailed reports regarding the Fordow nuclear plant. 

Furthermore, the IAEA can maneuverer more easily when a new alleged report is still on the agenda. Even, after the possible deal on the restoration of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), the IAEA has an upper hand in supervising sites that are outside the Safeguards Agreement. This is where Iran’s redlines thwart such a malicious move. 

Based on the mentioned facts, Grossi was supposed to visit Tehran last month to announce the Israel-orchestrated scenario against Iran, highlighting that despite all legal attempts made by the IAEA, Tehran denied any supervising access to any sites. As a result, the agency in cahoots with the western-backed media outlets would launch another war of words with Iran.

The aim of such a unilateral game is to put the blame on Iran only. 

The IAEA has been morphed into a den for Israeli machinations, a kind of bunker to politicize any nuclear-related issues which are at odds with the regime’s interests. 

The Islamic Revolution has stressed that the edifice of politicization of Iran’s nuclear program issue will crumble. Consequently, Tehran will never allow Grossi to follow the whimsical path grounded by the Israeli regime unless he fulfills his legal commitments fully in supporting all nations’ nuclear rights. 

Having mulled over the role of the Tel Aviv regime in complicating Iran’s nuclear-related issues, it is a must to bear in mind that Grossi’s current tour to Tehran will bear no fruit if he still clings to the hackneyed allegations concocted by a regime reaching out to anyone to justify its own mammoth missteps.