De-dollarization accelerated in trade transactions: Shamakhani

09 Apr 2023

De-dollarization accelerated in trade transactions: Shamakhani

Shamkhani and Levitin discussed bilateral ties between Iran and Russia and the issues of mutual

By Al Mayadeen English

April 9, 2023



The reduced US dollar influence in regional and economic transactions would decrease the Western dominance over the global economy, the secretary of Iran's Supreme National Security Council stated. 

During a meeting with the visiting Russian President's Special Aide Igor Levitin, Ali Shamkhani made the remarks in Tehran on Sunday. He mentioned that the reducing influence of the US dollar in regional and international economic transactions will disappear with the Western dominance on the world economy. 

The two sides discussed bilateral ties between Iran and Russia and the issues of mutual interests.

They also discussed the implementation of agreements signed by the senior officials of the two countries in various economic and banking fields, specially expediting the construction operation of the North-South Corridor.

Shamkhani and Levitin emphasized the need for the adoption of fruitful solutions to accelerate the implementation of joint economic cooperation while expressing satisfaction with the promotion of trade and economic cooperation between Iran and Russia.

Furthermore, Iran’s top security official considered completing the North-South Corridor and expansion of transit cooperation between Iran and Russia as the most important part of the joint projects.

He added that with the incessant and nonstop efforts of officials of the two countries, any obstacle in the way of materialization of the will of the leaders of the two countries will be removed.

For his part, the Russian president's special aide submitted a comprehensive report on the latest developments related to trade and banking ties and joint economic projects.

Levitin also stated that Moscow is ready to invest in various economic sectors of Iran, including steel, oil, and petrochemical industries.

Iran and Russia can become the export center of some food items in the region with joint production and investment, Iran's first vice president Mohammad Mokhber said during a meeting with Russian President’s Special Aide Igor Levitin in the Iranian capital on Saturday.

During Levitin's two-day visit to Tehran, both sides reviewed the latest joint projects and cooperation between Iran and Russia in the framework of the North-South corridor, cooperation in the field of energy, transportation, and expansion of the two countries' trade relations.

For his part, Levitin announced Moscow's readiness to invest in the transit sector and to accelerate the implementation of joint plans in transportation.

"Russia is ready to conclude bilateral and multilateral cooperation agreements with Iran to construct these projects", Levitin pointed out.