Cyprus International Conference Against Imperialism; postponed to 2021

14 Aug 2020





Dear Friends and Supporters of the
Cyprus International Conference Against Imperialism,

Please accept our apologies for the delay in concluding our consultations for the plans we had for September 2020 in Cyprus. We regret to inform you that the continuing COVID-19 pandemic has forced us to, once again, postpone the Cyprus International Conference Against Imperialism.

When we proposed the postponement of the conference to September 11-13, 2020, we were of the opinion that it was necessary and potentially possible. However, as you all know, the situation with the COVID-19 Pandemic has become even more complicated in the recent months and weeks, making it even more difficult to hold our conference in September as proposed. As a result, we have to once again postpone the Cyprus Conference to an earliest possible date in 2021.

This decision has been made in view of numerous factors:

  1. We are witnessing a “second wave” of the pandemic in many regions and countries of the world, including some European countries, but especially in the USA, Latin America (with few exceptions), the Indian sub-continent, as well as the Middle East.
  2. Our host country, Cyprus, which has opened its borders for tourists from dozens of countries, has been witnessing an increased level of imported COVID-19 cases. The airlines and respective institutions of aviation in that country have “banned” certain countries with growing number of infections from entering.
  3. The biggest "technical" problem for holding the Conference in September, apart from the general uncertainty for participation, are the following:
    • It is not certain that by September the citizens of such countries as Brazil, US, Mexico, Cuba, India, Nepal, UK, Palestine, and others, would be allowed to travel to the EU and Cyprus.
    • Also, participants from other countries may have to travel with various stops in other countries, which makes it difficult to predict what local restrictions they will face.
    • Due to the uncertainty of the future course of the pandemic as we approach the month of September, we may face even bigger difficulties which we cannot predict at this time.

After several rounds of consultations between representatives of the World Peace Council, Coalition Against U.S. Foreign Military Bases, and the Cyprus Peace Council, we came to the following difficult but necessary conclusion:

  1. To postpone our September plans for the Conference, tentatively to early 2021.
  2. To offer, once again, to all who have paid for Conference Registration and Hotel Reservation, the option to refund their payment, if they so choose, with the additional option of keeping their registrations and reservations for the future date. (Please let us know via email ( whether you prefer to keep your registration and hotel reservation for the future date, or would like to request a refund.
  3. To explore the possibilities for organizing several thematic regional or international webinars on related topics in order to keep the momentum.

We will be keeping you posted about new developments regarding possible future dates for holding the Conference.

Iraklis Tsavdaridis                         Bahman Azad                     Stelios Socofli 
Executive Secretary                      Coordinator                        President 
World Peace Council                     No Bases Coalition           Cyprus Peace Council

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