The confession that revealed everything

31 Jan 2023

The confession that revealed everything

By Faramarz Kuhpayeh

January 31, 2023


TEHRAN – In what can be rightfully billed as a Freudian slip, one of the most prominent figures lobbying for regime change in Iran in the Western corridors of power revealed how Western media hype about Iran has fallen short of even convincing its architects.  

In an interview with the London-based Iran International news channel, Masih Alinejad admittedly said that the sham “revolution” she advocated for has gone up in smoke. And even the most zealous Western governments pinning hope on Iran’s unrest have now come to see the disingenuity of their hopes.

The French and U.S. governments asking her that this revolution has come to an end, Alinejad said bitterly.  “No one is in the streets. So why do you think that we should not return to the negotiating table,” she said, quoting the governments of the U.S. and France. “This disheartens me.”

The remarks come after France and the U.S. threw their full weight behind the months-long unrest that engulfed Iran in the wake of the death in police custody of Mahsa Amini. French President Emmanuel Macron went so far as to say that Iran was undergoing a revolution. After meeting Alinejad, Macron described the developments in Iran as revolution twice. 

“Something unprecedented is happening,” Macron said in an interview at the time, according to Reuters. “The grandchildren of the revolution are carrying out a revolution and are devouring it,” Macron said when asked to qualify what was taking place in Iran.

Iran’s unrest has long come to an end but there are still some voices in the West insisting that Iran is still in the throes of a regime change moment. This is while Western intelligence circles believe that their regime change project in Iran has come to a failure.

Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Nasser Kanaani referred to this assessment in his Tuesday tweet. “While the US intelligence and security services say Iran left behind the unrest and their support for Iran riots was futile, US congressmen voted for a resolution supporting riots in Iran! They never want to accept the realities on Iran, but like the realities to be as they wish,” he said.
Despite their internal recognition that the situation in Iran is normal, the Western capitals continue to level accusations on Iran the most recent of which are remarks by President Macron himself who accused Iran of violating human rights. 

Kanaani said unfortunately, officials of some European countries have reduced human rights to “objects” for their political games in order to interfere in the internal affairs of other countries and “we condemn this destructive approach.”

“Just as we have announced repeatedly, the sound policy of the Islamic republic of Iran has always been based of responsibility, respect and adherence to the basic principles of human rights including protection of human dignity, fighting bullying and defending the oppressed,” the Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman stressed. 

Kanaani noted that this is while the fake defenders of human rights are accomplices in gross rights violations because they give sanctuary to the leaders and members of terrorist groups in their countries and support them and keep silent on the daily massacre of Palestinians by the child-killing Zionist regime and back the aggressor and the occupier.