Call for donations for children suffering from cancer in Iran

20 Apr 2021

Call for donations for children suffering from cancer in Iran

The culture and aid organization Avicenna would like to provide urgently needed medication and aids for children with cancer in Iran in direct cooperation with the non-governmental charity organization MAHAK in Tehran and its partners in Germany.

For many-layered reasons the economic situation of the population in Iran has distinctly deteriorated in the last few months. Especially the less well-off in society suffer from this development. The direct and indirect economic sanctions play a major role here. Among others the massive restrictions in banking influence the medical provisioning by hindering the direct trade. Thereof, the ill who require special medication and treatment, are affected.

For decades the non-public charity organization MAHAK supports children suffering from cancer in Iran. They operate an own clinic in Tehran. Coordinated with this charity organization and its partners in Germany, we would like to provide the urgently needed medication and assistive equipment and send them to Iran. These drugs and aids are procured in Germany. For this we request your donations. Each cent of your donation which is received under the code word MAHAK will be exclusively used for this purpose.

Bank details
Recipient:  Avicenna Kultur- und Hilfswerk e.V.
Name of the bank: Deutsche Apotheker- und Ärztebank – apoBank
IBAN: DE 55 3006 0601 0005 0195 00
Code word: MAHAK