Biden leans toward war with Iran, 'Israel' now full military partner

22 Dec 2022

Biden leans toward war with Iran, 'Israel' now full military partner

By Al Mayadeen English

December 22, 2022

"Israel" has become a full-fledged US military partner as the Biden administration leans toward war with Iran.

The Biden administration has formally elevated "Israel" in its military planning, to prepare for any "potential" war against Iran. The occupation's new status comes while the US military shifts from the "war on terror" to potential combat with China, Russia, North Korea and Iran.

The US intelligence community is also putting more emphasis on its Hebrew language program to spy on its number-one Mideast ally.

The Pentagon considers "Israel" as its most prized military and intelligence partner in the Middle East, considering its experience in combat and advanced technologies.

With the end of its occupation in Afghanistan and Iraq, and with the brokering of the normalization agreements by the Trump administration, Washington sees an opportunity to incorporate "Israel" into a new regional alliance. 

"'Israel' is coming out of the closet, allowed now to openly cooperate with the [US] military while at the same time being denied access to another closet," says a senior intelligence official, referring to the world of American intelligence.

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According to the unnamed official, the new military cooperation includes exchanges for specific purposes, such as targeting. However, the US has increased its data collection operations in areas where US-Israeli interests may vary, such as counterintelligence against Israeli spies or uncovering information on Israeli nuclear weapons.

The change in the Israeli posture in US military planning was codified by Biden's signing of a significant amendment to the annual Unified Command Plan last year. The highest level document that specifies each command's operational domain is the Unified Command Plan.

From its former position as part of European Command, "Israel" was transferred to US Central Command (CENTCOM).

"CENTCOM will now work to implement the US Government commitment to a holistic approach to regional security and cooperation with our partners," the Tampa-based command said after it was given responsibility over the occupation government.

"The easing of tensions between 'Israel' and its Arab neighbors subsequent to the 'Abraham Accords' has provided a strategic opportunity for the United States to align key partners against shared threats in the Middle East. 'Israel' is a leading strategic partner for the United States, and this will open up additional opportunities for cooperation with our US Central Command partners while maintaining strong cooperation between 'Israel' and our European allies," the Pentagon announced.

According to government officials, the new assignment is the most significant move for the US military since "Israel" occupied Palestine. In order to prepare for war with Iran and to resist "Russian and Chinese intrusion" into the region, a "regional military alliance like to NATO in Europe is being hoped for—some could even call it a pipedream."