Alternative Workers News – Iran; Issue No. 131

15 Feb 2021

Alternative Workers News – Iran

Issue No. 131

February 15, 2021

In this issue: 

1. The Koolbar issue is another stain, attached to the rule of the capitalists in Iran

2. In recent days some workers of Melli Group were interrogated

3. Baft Petrochemical Plant workers strike in protest of failure to implement job classification plan

4. Group of the workers of ‘Haft-Tappeh’: public bulletin number 1 to the people of Iran

5. Aggregation of workers’ retirees, this time . in front of Social Security Office/ pensioners have been brought to poverty line and free therapy is our right

6. Brief News

7. Nationwide congregation of pensioner workers of social security to attain their earned rights

8. Joint Declaration of Independent Organizations and Groupings regarding increase . in minimum wages and salaries in 2020/21

9. Solidarity with Mehran Raoof and Haft Tappeh trade unionists

10. Iranian auto workers strike against non-payment of wages

11. Call for immediate action by Amnesty International; Zeinab Jalalian is tortured